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Object Lessons and Crazy Science Video Shop

So this is a new idea I tried during lockdowns and do email me any comments!

These are teaching videos/object lessons that you can use in your church's online services or in your in person events (now we can do those again!)

They are key elements from my live Bubble and Crazy Science shows hence having a higher price as this is (normally!) how I earn my income, but they will give you a high quality teaching video for you to include in your own kid's work.

A trailer is available for each when you click on the product and that will show you the whole video so you get to check the whole thing out before you buy it! Each one will fit with a variety of teaching themes.

It's fine to include them in your online services, we just ask that you don't post them as individual videos on YouTube or Facebook etc.

Use them in your children's work, streamed services and in school. More details about the copyright side of things for this are on the Video On Demand page.

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