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This exciting video includes a number of the bubble demonstrations from my Bubble Praise Party including bubbles in bubbles, smoke filled bubbles, space rocket helium bubbles, square bubbles and even a tornado bubble! 


I talk about how bubbles are amazing and wonderful and how the pattern on every bubble is unique. I use Psalm 139 to explain how that's just like us - we are wonderful and amazing and unique too.


It's fine to include this video in a children's or all age online service or Zoom call, (or in school)  we just ask people not to post it on Facebook or Youtube etc as an individual video.


You can preview the whole video by watching the trailer. Click on the product picture and you'll see the trailer underneath it.




NB It's priced at a higher price as the demonstrations are a key part of my travelling ministry "Bubble Show Praise Party".  I wanted to make it available to churches, but as it's a key part of my income, I hope you understand the reason for charging a higher price. I also hope you will agree you're getting a high quality teaching video that will really compliment the work you are doing.

There is no one like you! Crazy Science Series Bubble Show linked to Psalm 139

£49.99 Regular Price
£19.99Sale Price
  • MP4

  • It's fine to use this video in your church or school and to include it in your church's streamed services.

    We ask that it's not passed onto anyone else and also that it's not posted as an individual video on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook etc.

    Thank you.

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