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New! Video on Demand


Home Use

For home use check out my YouTube channel where I'm putting loads of my action song, sign language and lyric videos.

Many more will be added as time goes on.

They have a watermark that says

"For home use only".


For home use check out my YouTube channel

Church and School Use

To use in your streamed services and for other church uses.


You can purchase individual action song and lyric videos with on-screen lyrics without a watermark.


You can use them in school too.

We ask people to:


  • Include those songs in
    their CCLI and streaming returns

  • Not to share the files

  • Not upload them to YouTube or Facebook etc as individual song videos. But it's fine to include them in a streamed programme/service where the song or songs are a part of that service or programme.

  • Here's some important advice from my record company about using songs on YouTube. "When using the videos on YouTube you may receive an email regarding a content ownership dispute. This is because YouTube can recognise the ownership of the audio music recording and automatically puts the record labels claim on it. This is correct and you don’t need to do anything. Please do not try to claim ownership it is best to just ignore the email."

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