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Personalised Videos For Your Church


I've been making personalised video shows for a number of churches during lockdown and I'd be delighted to make one for your church's online ministry or for your holiday club.


Overall the idea is to...


Provide a really fun personalised video programme lasting 20 to 30 minutes for your children and families.

It'll be presented by me and packed full of fun, songs and “God Stuff”.

There's an option to add in up to 4 videos of your children and families joining in with one of my action songs.

You can post the video on your church’s web site or Youtube channel etc.

Your families get to have Duggie Dug Dug in their church/front room all for less than the cost of a normal praise party!

It’s suitable for church families and non-church families and will be a great addition to your church’s outreach programme.

I can offer videos on a range of subjects including...


"Circus Special!" This features a powerful gospel presentation using an aerial circus rig that stands over 20 feet tall. I tell the creation and gospel stories over a fantastic orchestral soundscape while professional circus performers Naomi and Sara act it out using aerial circus silks. If you haven’t seen aerial silks performed before it features long suspended strips of material that the aerial performer can climb, wrap around themselves, drop from etc. The creation/ gospel presentation is really powerful and has moved many people to tears when we’ve presented it. The 25 minute video programme features that presentation along with juggling, songs and a fabulous aerial hoop performance too.


“There is no one like you! Bubble Show” This really fun bubble show is based on Psalm 139. It includes a whole bunch of "Wow factor!" bubble demonstrations including bubbles in bubbles, smoke filled bubbles, space rocket bubbles, a bubble tornado and more! I talk about how bubbles are amazing and wonderful and how the pattern on the surface of every bubble is unique. I link that into Psalm 139 and how we’re wonderfully made and unique too and how God has known us and had plans for us since before we were even born.


“Being good news to those around us” This programme is all about bubbling over with God’s love to those round us and features a really fun and dramatic Crazy Science demonstration involving dry ice presented by me and my hilarious “Loo and Rolls” puppets .


“The Holy Spirit - Gods Special Helper” An introduction to the Holy Spirit and how he wants to fill us with his power and help us in our daily lives just as he helped Jesus. It features some dramatic and exciting Crazy Science all about the power of air and is presented by me and my “Loo and Rolls” puppets.


“Jesus is good news” This programme includes a gospel presentation using some crazy science as I explain what Jesus did to make it possible for us to be friends with God. It’s presented by me and my “Loo and Rolls” puppets. It would be possible to include a response prayer in this programme if you’d like that.


“God’s incredible love for us” This programme includes a really fun and exciting demonstration using eggs as I talk about Romans 8 38/39 and explains how the verse “nothing cannot separate us from the love of God” is a promise from God that cannot be broken. It’s presented by myself and my “Loo and Rolls” puppets.

Comments from church organisers 

"We absolute LOVE IT!  Thank you so much, it’s brilliant! Really good fun for the kids." JGJ

"I just downloaded and watched it. It is superb, and is just right for the event we are putting on. Many thanks for doing it." JMC


"Thank you so much for the video it is amazing! I will send it out today to our local schools who are really looking forward to seeing it. Thank you for all that you do in your amazing ministry – it is really a blessing to little churches like ours to have something so amazing to bless our community with." SH


"I have watched the video and really love it! I feel comfortable offering it to the not-yet Christian families who are part of our church – thank you for this great resource."


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