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The Nativity Delivery portrait 800 x 1200.jpg

This Christmas I'll be touring a brand new show! It's called 'Duggie Dug Dug's Nativity Delivery' and it'll make for a fab Christmas family outreach event. It’ll be great for schools as well.

The story follows Gabriel's attempts to deliver the Nativity and bring Mary and Joseph, the wise men, the shepherds, the sheep, and the heavenly choir, together in the right place at the right time. Achieving that turns out to be like herding cats, as almost everything goes hilariously wrong along the way. Until finally, Gabriel (played by me), my heavenly technically savvy assistant, and a crazy donkey(!), manage to pull it all altogether in the nick of time. 


We expect the show to be just over an hour long, or longer if there’s an interval, and it’ll be packed with puppets, songs, illusions, crazy antics and lots of fun and laughter. As always, in the midst of the craziness and fun, the message of Christmas will shine through. Families will love it! This time I'd like to rope in some adult helpers from each church (if possible) to swell the numbers of our puppet choir, for the easy to learn puppet song extravaganza that’ll be the show’s finale.


For the tour I’ll be joined by PJ, who’ll be running the production side of things for the shows. PJ toured with me for the Happily Ever After tours in 2021 and 2019 and the Christmas Angel tour in 2018, and it’ll be great to have him with us once again.  I’m also delighted to announce that Jon Bonner will be joining me as the other actor in the shows. Jon’s an amazing actor, illusionist, ventriloquist, and all around good, and very funny, guy. He’s performed with me at numerous praise parties over the years, as well as touring in many mainstream theatre shows. I’m really looking forward to Jon bringing so much fun, as well as great acting, to the show.


I'm hoping the tour will book up quickly so do let me know asap if you'd like to have a chat about bringing it to your church or school.

To chat through details of cost, availability, etc- just give Doug a call on 01932 260 060 or email him your contact numbers at

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