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This is awesome! I've teamed up with a couple of amazing circus performers including Naomi Giffin who's a fantastic aerial circus artist and was in Mary Poppins in the London Olympics opening ceremony and flew into the Olympic stadium from 150 feet up!


Together we've put together a fabulous 90 minute indoor family circus show that features aerial silks, aerial hoop, acrobatics and juggling!

Naomi has a fabulous freestanding circus rig that allows us to stage some really impressive aerial circus inside churches and schools (providing the ceiling isn't too low!) and along with all the "wow!" circus stuff it also features lots of Duggie Dug Dug songs, puppets and a themed gospel message etc.


To chat through details of cost, availability, etc- just give Doug a call on 01932 260 060 or email him your contact numbers at

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