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The Crazy At Home Road Show


The idea behind the "Crazy Stay at Home Road Show" is simply to provide something fun, encouraging and Bible based for children and families during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Filmed in my front room it features hilarious puppet duo "Loo" and "Rolls"along with wow factor crazy science, songs, prayer activities, Bible based teaching and lots of fun and laughter!

Check out the trailer for the latest episode below and you can watch all the shows on my Youtube channel  You're also welcome to use the shows in your on-line streamed church services and you can download them from

You've said...

"My two daughters absolutely love your stay at home roadshow and they find Loo and Rolls hilarious! They’ve watched each show multiple times and it even inspired our eldest to create her own puppets and do shows for us.  Thanks for bringing a lot of laughter in lockdown — we really appreciate it." MBH

"We wanted to say a huge thank you for posting the stay at home roadshows that you have put on you tube. We have 5 children 4-12 and this has been a real life line for us during lockdown." LT

"My daughters have watched your roadshow episodes multiple times and still laugh out loud! We have recommended them to lots of families. You have such a gift for presenting the gospel to children while being hilarious! And the dance moves to your songs rival Joe Wicks workout!" RR

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