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Who is Duggie Dug Dug?


Doug (Duggie Dug Dug) Horley and his wife Belinda live in Shepperton in the UK and they have two grown up children, Jamie and Luke.

Doug has a national and international ministry working with children and song writing. Some years ago his song, "We want to see Jesus lifted high", was chosen as the theme song for the Global March for Jesus event and sung by some 25 million people in 176 countries.


Doug is a recording artist signed to Capitol Records/Integrity and Elevation and he has written many other songs that have become children's favourites in churches across the planet.

With his team he travels widely putting on family praise parties, seminars and "adult" celebrations.

His work has included events for the Luis Palau, Billy Graham and Reinhardt Bonnke organisations, Spring Harvest, Urban Saints, The Salvation Army and countless concerts and family services for churches across the UK, Canada, South Africa and other countries.

His heart is simply to see children meet with Jesus in a real and profound way and to have a bunch of fun en route!

Doug loves playing tennis and snowboarding and he particularly likes liquorice allsorts and white chocolate!

Nice things people have said

"Duggie Dug Dug... thank you for saving my bacon! We were having a testing afternoon of home schooling for the third time this week. I was almost about to get cross when a thought crossed my mind (or was dropped in more likely) “Listen to some music”. I opened up my music app and your album Oomph was the last thing we’d listened to so I thought here goes.
Peace was restored... with a little jiggling and lots of singing. All three children were completely focussed on their work, singing loudly. I thank God for you and your ministry... you are much loved in our house! "R.M. UK

"Just before lockdown, our 13 year old was baptised and she refered to going to a kids' concert when she was 3. I remember her leaving my side to go up to the front with no prompting from me. She took the booklet home and that night said she was sorry for her sin and thanked Jesus for dying in her place. Praise God! We thank God for the input you have in young people's lives as you help them to understand the gospel and pray that you will be able to continue to do so. With our love and prayers" R.G. UK

"The praise parties were fantastic and your message on Sunday morning significant. You have a wonderful, God-given gift of combining fun and challenge, allowing people to be fully human in God's presence." C.M. N. Ireland


"Our son is Owen is now probably your biggest fan. He wakes up every morning asking for Dug Dud on the DVD, makes pretend phone calls to you on a regular basis and jumps up and down singing Fandabidozzie at every opportunity - You HAVE A LOT TO ANSWER FOR!" R.T. UK


"What a wonderful work for the kingdom of God." M.E. Ontario


"Your ministry helps me use my gifts for Jesus - thank you!" E.E. Australia


"You convey the Word of God and His principles using styles that match what kids are in to at the current time and communicate with kids in an amazingly powerful way." R.S. UK

"Our praise and worship has come alive and we are so happy!" T.E. S Africa


"We used your funky songs DVD and the children were with me right from the start. We had a disco on the last night and the kids asked the non Christian DJ to play the songs they'd been singing in church. The DJ was amazed to see these children dancing to Christian songs which were not out of place with the music he had brought with him." C.J. Polegate UK


"The children lead 146 other people in the signing to 'Glory and Honour' and many were moved to tears including the vicar!" S.P. UK

"We put on a one week long programme for 6-13's every July and have found your music to be a hit every time. The children just love Duggie Dug Dug and do they ever get dancing in the aisles!" J.T. Canada

"You and the team have made me laugh" Daisy UK


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