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Music manuscripts with the top line melody, guitar chords and lyrics for all of the songs from this album.

Song list:

  • Okey Dokey
  • Hey Diddle Diddle
  • Glory and honour
  • I can walk I can run
  • I am incredible (The Incredible Song)
  • I'm not just here to use up air
  • You are G.O.D.
  • I will love you now
  • I believe
  • We're coming with a new style
  • Watch out!
  • Nothing's too big
  • A-oh, A-oh Let's Get Funky!
  • I Love You (God I Pray, Please Help Me)
  • Noah Was A Faithful Man Of God
  • With Ev'ry Little Part Of Me I Cry (What More Words Are Left To Say?)
  • You Are Shaped For Serving God (If You Walk Like A Model Or Walk With A Waddle)
  • You Can Reach Out With A Heart Of Love
  • You're The One For Me

Okey Dokey Album PDF Music Manuscripts

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