Training Seminars


Training Seminars

Doug is able to run training seminars for children's workers and anyone interested in children's work. Often these take place on the afternoon of a Saturday Praise Party.

In the seminars Doug shares his heart for children and his experiences from 20 years of working with them full time. In that time he has travelled widely across the UK, Canada, Africa and many other countries and worked with numerous churches and organisations including Spring Harvest and the Billy Graham and Luis Palau organisations. This is a great opportunity to learn from his experience and to be encouraged and inspired.

Seminars available are...

"Journeying with Children in worship"

This fun workshop is for all children's workers (musicians and non-musicians) and those with an interest in children's work and looks at the culture kids are growing up in, the influences they are exposed to, and how we can take note of these to ensure we stay relevant to our children in our praise and worship. It's packed full of practical ideas for keeping our kids interest and includes a very practical "how to" section on leading worship. It also looks at using pop music in worship and making quieter songs work using Sign Language. Doug has found this to be immensely powerful in worship with children (and grown-ups!) and you will leave the workshop having learned a sign language song or two!

Doug will talk about "Journeying with children" to help them go deeper with God in prayer and worship and he will share some amazing stories of the things he has seen happen as children connect with God. There will be time at the end of the seminar to pray for the children's workers - he just wants to see them refreshed and encouraged!

"Reaching a Digital Generation"

This seminar takes a look at the world children live in and some of the significant and challenging issues that the church and parents face today in both reaching children and caring for them. It covers issues around kids and media, smart phones, internet etc and suggests ways forward.

Doug can also do a seminar that includes material from both of the above seminars.

To chat through details of cost, availability, etc
- just give Doug a call on 0208 393 8000 or email him your contact numbers at