The Christmas Angel


New The Christmas Angel!

This great new show is a really fun and moving take on the Nativity story with a bunch of slap-stick and panto humour thrown in.

It features me, my Harry and Larry puppets, a cast of 3 great actors, a tech person and a very cool set and lighting. All of us play multiple roles including the shepherds, wise men, Mary and Joseph and of course the angels. The story follows the angels as they deliver the news about Jesus birth including a trainee angel called Eric who keeps getting everything wrong in a hilarious way. Of course by the end of the show Eric "comes good" as he realises the true meaning of Christmas.

Featuring new musical theatre style songs, carols and lots of fun and laughter, this fantastic Christmas production will be an ideal Christmas outreach event for your church or school.

To chat through details of cost, availability, etc
- just give Doug a call on 01932 260 060 or email him your contact numbers at