Normal Haircut

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Duggie Goes Afro!

Did you know that the hair on your head sprouts out through hair "follicles" in the skin. These follicles come in different shapes and depending which shape you have will decide if you get curly or straight hair.

Duggie Goes Spikey!

An ancient Egyptian cure for baldness involved rubbing in a mixture of hedghog prickles and fingernail scrapings. Mmmm, think I'll stay bald.

Duggie The Rocker!

In the late 1800's women often had very big hair do's. Keeping these creations clean was a risky business as the hair cleansers they used often contained petrol. After many exploding ladies, women were probably very pleased that short hair became the fashion!

Duggie Goes Blond!

In ancient Rome chicken poo was used as a cure for baldness!

Duggie Spice!

Even mummies have nits! A scientist studying an Egyptian mummy under a microscope discovered one on a mummies head. It was about 5000 years old.

Duggie Viking

Did you know that head lice are transparent until they've munched on some human blood - then they turn a reddish brown colour. Urghh!

Duggie Joins Westlife!

One anti nit web site recommends using Mayonnaise on your head to get rid of head lice. Just don't put it on your salad afterwards - it could end up being lumpy!. (Please don't try this!)

Duggie Hip Hop Stylie!

In 1980 a man in th USA was stuck by lightning and claimed his hair grew back after. (Definitely don't try that!)