Okey Dokey!

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Okey Dokey!
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Please note that this CD is now only available on iTunes but a number of the songs are on the "Duggie Dug Dug's Top 50 Awesome Action Songs" album. Click HERE for more info on that.

Okey Dokey is an exciting praise and worship album for kids from Duggie Dug Dug. Lots of fun new songs in styles from Rap to Busted, McFly to Black Gospel! It seriously rocks! Lots of fun action songs too!

Quite a few special guests have taken part including Efrem who again co-wrote some very funky rap songs and Mark Read (formerly with pop band A1) who also wrote some great pop songs with Dug - and an awesome ballad too! Lindsey West (Rapper with The Tribe) makes a guest appearance on a rockin song that he and Dug wrote in the studio and Louise Fellingham also adds her great vocals to the album. A black gospel choir also make an appearance and are fantastic too!

And for any Harry and Larry fans you will not be disappointed. There is a bonus second CD included which has 3 action songs and an epic 15 minute long Harry and Larry adventure story track called Harry and Larrys Lark in the Ark. Packed full of Harry and Larry craziness and lots of Biblical truth it is loads of fun. So dont miss it!

Track Listing:
01 - Watch Out! - LISTEN
02 - A-Oh! - Lets Get Funky - LISTEN
03 - Harry And Larry And The Crazy Sheep - LISTEN
04 - Okey Dokey - LISTEN
05 - The Incredible Song - LISTEN
06 - You're The One For Me - LISTEN
07 - I Will Love You Now - LISTEN
08 - I Believe - LISTEN
09 - I'm Not Just Here To Use Up Air - LISTEN
10 - You Are G.O.D. - LISTEN
11 - Hey Diddle Diddle - LISTEN
12 - We're Coming With A New Style - LISTEN
13 - I Love You - LISTEN
14 - Glory And Honour - LISTEN
15 - With Every Little Part Of Me I Cry - LISTEN
16 - You Can Reach - LISTEN

Bonus CD
01 - I Can Walk I Can Run - LISTEN
02 - Nothing's Too Big - LISTEN
03 - You Are Shaped For Serving God - LISTEN
04 - Harry And Larry's Lark In The Ark - LISTEN