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Please note that this CD is now only available on iTunes but a number of the songs are on the "Duggie Dug Dug's Top 50 Awesome Action Songs" album. Click HERE for more info on that.

An outstanding collection of new fun and funky praise and worship songs from Doug Horley whose tunes have been enjoyed right across the planet!

Written with Lindz West (Lz7 & “The Tribe), George Mhondera (“The Tribe”) and pop star Mark Read(A1) this cd features right up to date music for todays kids from one of the UK’s leading children’s song writers.

Packed full of biblical truth with catchy pop songs, kicking beats and cool grooves, as well as some hilarious contributions from Doug’s puppets “Harry and Larry”, kids of all ages will love this cd!

Track Listing:
01 - Flabbergasted - LISTEN
02 - How wide can your smile be? - LISTEN
03 - God you are amazing - LISTEN
04 - Harry & Larry and the fiery tongue! - LISTEN
05 - Dufus - LISTEN
06 - Hot step - LISTEN
07 - Rise Up! - LISTEN
08 - What child is this? - LISTEN
09 - Harry and Larry become crazy ocean explorers! - LISTEN
10 - Try a life in water - LISTEN
11 - Jesus, Jesus - LISTEN
12 - If super powers could be ours - LISTEN
13 - Live humbly trusting God - LISTEN
14 - With God's power working in us - LISTEN
15 - You have been so wonderful to me (Beautiful Lord) - LISTEN
16 - Come to me all you who are weary - LISTEN
17 - Elisha and the Army of Fire - LISTEN
18 - The Lord is my shepherd - LISTEN