Duggie Dug Dug Goes Wild DVD!

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Duggie Dug Dug Goes Wild DVD!
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Come and join Duggie Dug Dug and his crazy team as they go on a fantastic wild life adventure and encounter some of the hairiest, scariest, tallest, toughest animals on the planet!

Filmed on location at Noahs Ark Zoo Farm and in a studio with a live kids audience, this mad cap adventure is packed full of fun, laughter, songs, puppets and lots of animals.

You will learn some fascinating animal facts and meet some incredible creatures from Tigers to Tarantulas, Giraffes to Gibbons and Snakes to super-cute Baby Skunks. Plus Harry and Larry will explain why some of them are endangered and exactly what endangered means. And they will even try and explain where this amazing planet and its fabulous creatures came from.

A Fun-Filled, God-focused, Wildlife Extravaganza!

- Harry and Larrys first cartoon mini movie – “The Funky Skunk!”
- Songs – “Lovely Jubbly” and “You won’t get to heaven on the back of a camel”
- Lots of live animals and puppets!
- New Harry and Larry sketches and fun stuff including an interview with a live skunk!
- Behind the scenes featurette
- Extra Scenes
- Blooper Reel

Check out the trailer below: