Behind The Scenes


Harry and Larry Games

Harry And Larry All Mixed Up!

Click on the scrambled pictures below to unscramble them and see what mischief Harry and Larry got up to in the studio.

1. Cover your ears Harry and Larry are about to sing!

2. Larry finds Tinkerbell in the studio bin!

3. Oh no! We got our heads superglued together man!

4. Far too many buttons there will be trouble!

5. Harry washed his hair in a slightly unusual way!

6. It was all fine until Larry ate the studio snooker balls!

7. Larry and a piano - a dangerous combination!

8. Harry - always where he should not be!

Crazy Sheep...

...and a Crazy Drummer!

Ssh! - Secret Stuff

Boy oh boy did we have a lot of fun recording the Okey Dokey CD. Especially the Harry and Larry sketches! We spent a lot of time laughing! So much so that we had lots of out takes and we put some of these at the end of CD 2.

Have you heard them yet? If not, then listen until the end of the “Noah” story, leave the CD playing, wait a minute, and then there they are!

Here’s an example of what you can expect:


Belinda has sung on every album I have done!

Louise sings with Phatfish and has sung on all of my albums from Whoopah Wahey onwards.

And this was Aarons first album with me and he did a brilliant job. He has sung with the London Gospel Community choir for 7 years and has a fabulous voice.

Lovely peeps!

I really wanted a black gospel sound on a song called “I believe” and Mark Edwards recommended Tracey and her friends to me. They were so much fun in the studio and did an outstanding job on the song. It’s one of my favourite tunes on the whole album!

And for anyone who doesn’t know what “Brummies” means, it just means “from Birmingham”, which is exactly where they all came from. Tracey just went for it with the lead vocal and boy does it rock!

Mark Read who wrote five of the Okey Dokey songs with me, and sings on the album, also wrote a song on the latest Charlotte Church album.

“I will love you now” which I wrote with Mark is also one of my favourite songs on the Okey Dokey album. Mark sings it beautifully. It makes me cry!

Lindz West, who wrote a song for the album with Doug, used to sing with “The Tribe” and now has his own band called “Lz7”.

Lindz loves playing football and basketball and his first job was as a paperboy.

He is a fantastic rapper!

Recording the album took over 300 hours in the studio and about 350 danish pastries! (Ok a slight exaggeration on one of those!)

It was very hard work, but a lot of fun and I hope you thoroughly enjoy listening to the songs!