Animated Karaoke Backgrounds

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Animated Karaoke Backgrounds
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Instantly add some pzazz to your kids worship with these fantastic new DVDs featuring the same stunning graphic backgrounds and cartoons that Dug uses in his live events. You get the full music track (with or without main vocals), funky animated background images and on screen words. All on a normal DVD. Just put it in your DVD player and press play! Ideal for use in your kids club, church or even at home for your own karaoke sing along!

Each set includes two DVDs. One is a normal DVD that you can simply play in your DVD player and the other DVD is for the techy’s among you and includes Windows Media Video (WMV) files that you can easily use on your PC in Windows Media Player, Easyworship, Mediashout etc.

Volume 3 contains all the songs from the Fandabidozzie CD
Volume 4 contains 14 songs from the Okey Dokey CD
Volume 5 contains all the songs from the Flabbergasted CD
Volume 6 contains all the songs from the Chuffed CD