Action Songs volume 3!

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Action Songs volume 3!
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Action Songs 3 - available in DVD or video format.

Featuring a whole new batch of actions, dance moves and sign language movements with on screen words for 6 songs from the "Fandabidozzie" album and 2 from "Lovely Jubbly". 2 songs are also performed as "MTV style" pop videos featuring the very funky T-Girl and some great breakdancing.

Learn the actions to;
Jump Up
Help me be your eyes Lord Jesus (The mad air guitar song!)
Hey Hey
I stand Amazed
Throw your hands up
Wonderful Lord - sign language
May the God of hope - sign language

Plus there are performance versions for;
Jump up (- with T Girl)
Talk Talk (- with T Girl)
Help me be your eyes Lord Jesus
Throw your hands up
I stand Amazed

The DVD and video contain the same footage. The video has on screen words and the DVD has this as an option you can turn on or off.

Lots of fun!