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NEW!! - 50 Awesome Action Songs CD Collection!!NEW!! - 50 Awesome Action Songs CD Collection!! Ref: 411
A fantastic 3 CD collection of fifty of Duggie Dug Dug’s best action songs and sign language songs that have been used by churches and schools across the planet to help children (and adults!) worship our amazing God.

Chosen from eight great albums and spanning twenty years of Doug’s unique song writing this awesome collection of songs will delight children and adults alike.


CD 1

Hi 5, Flabbergasted, Oh It's Great Great Brill Brill, I'm Gonna Jump Up And Down (Be Happy), Lovely Jubbly, Okey Dokey, Fandabidozzie, Whoopah Wahey, Oi, Oi, Nothing's Too Big, Help Me Be Your Eyes Lord Jesus, Put Your Hands In The Sky, Glory And Honour, With God's Power Working In Us, Hey Diddle Diddle, We Want To See Jesus Lifted High, King Of Love

CD 2

Jump Up, Have We Made Our God Too Small, I Can Walk I Can Run, God Loves Me, Hey Hey, The Incredible Song

God Can Do Anything, Is There A Plank In Your Eye, Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed, Any Kind Of Weather, Talk Talk, We Are Warriors, Throw Your Hands Up, How Wide Can Your Smile Be, The Measure Of The Treasure, Wonderful Lord, May The God Of Hope,

CD 3

I'm Not Just Here To Use Up Air, You Are G.O.D., God You're So Amazing, Hot Step, Rise Up, Bounce. Hark The Herald Angels Sing, The way it's gonna be, You won't get to heaven on the back of a camel, I'm gonna build my house on solid rock, Hands hands fingers thumbs, Let's make God happy, I wanna be a blooming tree, Live Humbly, Beautiful Lord, Come to me all you who are weary, You can reach out with a heart of love

Price: 12.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

Okey Dokey CDOkey Dokey CD Ref: 82
We're sorry but this cd is no longer available. The "Funky Action Songs Vol 4" DVD is still available and this features almost all the songs from the cd. Quite a few of the songs are also on the "Top 50 Awesome Actiosn CD"

Price: 12.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

Funky Action Songs Volume 4 DVDFunky Action Songs Volume 4 DVD Ref: 129
This great DVD features 12 songs from the Okey Dokey album filmed live with a dance team, band and an audience of 400. Action songs, funky songs, sign language songs, amazing break dancing, puppets, and lots of fun!

It also has some fabulous special features including a hilarious Harry and Larry commentary (Dug's puppets), a "Making of Okey Dokey" featurette, a break dancing featurette and a bonus Harry and Larry sketch. It also features on screen words that you can turn on and off. Wahey! Order your copy today.

Please note this is a Region 2 - PAL version.

This means it will not work on an NTSC DVD player in N America. However, generally it will play on a PC or laptop computer anywhere - although you may have to change your Region setting.

Songs; Okey Dokey, Hey Diddle Diddle, Glory and honour Chicken dance song (I can walk I can run), I am incredible, I'm not just here to use up air, You are G.O.D., I will love you now, I believe, We're coming with a new style, Watch out! and Nothing's too big.
Price: 12.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

Okey Dokey Animated Karaoke Backgrounds Volume 4Okey Dokey Animated Karaoke Backgrounds Volume 4 Ref: 132
At last the fantastic backgrounds and graphics Doug uses in his events are available for you to buy and use in your own kids work.

The 2 DVD set includes a DVD you can simply use in a normal DVD player. Or, if you're more of a techy person, there's a second DVD that has PC WMV flies (Windows Media Video files) that you can load on to your PC and easily use in Windows Media Player, Easy Worship, Media Shout etc. The choice is yours!

Each background features on screen words plus the full audio track and you have the option of it with main vocal or just with backing vocals.

The fantastic colourful funky graphcs and fun cartoon animation are guaranteed to jazz up your worship times. Or why not use them at home for your own Karaoke session! Go on - bless the neighbours!

The WMV files on the second DVD will work any where in the world on a PC providing your computer is fast enough. The DVD for a DVD player is only available in PAL format.

Song list;

14 songs from the Okey Dokey CD included;

Okey Dokey (crazy sheep song)

I can walk I can run (chicken dance song)

Hey Diddle Diddle

Glory and honour

Watch out


The incredible song

You're the one for me

I will love you now

I believe

I'm not just here to use up air

You are G.O.D.

We're coming with a new style

Nothing's too Big
Price: 19.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Okey Dokey Downloadable pdf Song Book Set Okey Dokey Downloadable pdf Song Book Set Ref: 110
You can now download a pdf set giving the top line melody manuscript, guitar chords and words for all the songs on the CD plus Word acetate masters for each song.

Once you have placed your order you will receive a link allowing you to download the set. Providing you have some software called "Adobe Acrobat Reader" you will be able to open these files easily and print them out yourself. The complete set of pdf files and Word acetate masters is £4.99.

If you do not have "Adobe Acrobat Reader" you can down load it free of charge from www.adobe.com

The only condition for using the song files is that you just use the files for your own use and do not pass the pdf files on to any one else, or copy them for them to use.

Price: 5.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Okey Dokey! Backing Track CDOkey Dokey! Backing Track CD Ref: 83
This is a 2 CD set. One CD is just instrumental tracks from Okey Dokey, ie no singing at all, the other has backing vocals but no main vocal.
Price: 9.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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